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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 20, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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we've got patches of light rain over near the coast of bodega bay. just a patch of moisture north. you can see over last several hours, movement of the rainfall is in an eastward, northeast ward direction but there is a batch of showers and activity off shore that looks like it might sweep farther south into parts of marin county. rainfall totals last 24 hours reflect most rain up in the north bay, nearly three inches so far. two thirds in santa rosa. nearly a half inch in san rafael. lower totals in other locations and some spots in the east bay and south bay have had no measurable k-2jn
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international airport all day long. he in're trying to leave town for thanksgiving you're going have to navigate boblg the storms, and the crowd. >> low clouds and winds impact operations here because in the weather like today's, they have to reverse the tape off and landing patterns. in good weather, planes take off to the west. today they're taking off east, that is putting departing aircraft in the air space around oakland airport. they have to stagger the flights. with clouds creating low visibility, delays grew longer in san francisco international airport. inside of the terminals, passengers saw patience tested as they waited for tn conditions to improve. cheryl roberts was monitoring9/v delays for travelo city. >> 50% of the flights have been affected by the weather.
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so patience is key. keep an eye on timing. >> sfo is expect 3% growth and passenger volume over last people, waiting around. 4.7 million californians expected to hit the road sm. rethinking plans with storms that are approaching. >> i'm scared because people driveqp crazy. i do slow down a lot. visibility is not that great. i'm afraid when i see cars slipping out. >> the patrol is urging patience and planning. >> take your time. and be patient. we want to you leave early. check road conditions. you may be going half hour away from home or traveling four, five hours, check road conditions before you leave. >> weather caused cancellation of 50 flights. so called puddle jumpers so
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cities near bay. more delays ahead. at san francisco international airport, david louie, abc 7 news. >> thank you. secretary of state hillary clinton is now in the middle east hoping to help negotiate an end to the week of fighting between israel and hamas militants. she met with israel prime minister netanyahu. >> all must be advancing the he can ti and the legitimate as spir yaigs of israelies and palestinian as like. >> the visit as both sides continue to fire rockets for a seventh day. there had been reports out of egypt that a cease-fire could be agreed upon by tonight. sources say any announcement won't come until tomorrow. >> four men with ties to southern california facingo;[÷z% terroorism choorjz they're
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accused of trying to kill americans we'll have more on that spot coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> a pilot of a small plane walked away with miner injuries after crashing near san rafael airport. fire officials tell us the pilot had trouble this morning trying to turn back, he managed to land in a marsh about a mile away. up to 50 gallons of fuel spilled and crews are cleaning that up. >> pittsburgh city crews have restored water service after an overnight water main break affected more than a dozen homes. people lost water service around midnight. >> in redwood city a handful of homes lost service because of a broken main near the government center, firefighters pumped out water and residents were able to return home. >> and workers expect to find a broken road by story road. 24 cher customers have been
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out water this morning. the water company says four other smaller breaks were report add cross the city. >> happening now in oakland a 24 hour strike by worker was service employees international union it means truckers can not get to their jobs or move cargo in, or out, of the port of oakland. >> we're live with more. >> here is what's happening. the gates like this around the port are be blocked by picketors and their sympathizers. as you say that means trucks cannot get to the ships. long shoremen unloading ships are not going to work because they're respecting the picket line. nothing much here happened all day. union workers say they failed to bargain in good faith and there are changes with out union consent, including cuts to retirement ben fis. >> we believe shared contributions is the way to
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achieve sustainibility. >> workers say the strike is meant to show7)!e port the union is serious but most workers don't work at this port, most of them work at the airports. no disruption of business. >> we can't see anyone saying that my mother or grandmother didn't get here for thanksgiving that. is a bad, black eye on us. >> rick riser is a iin iing -- saying it would be bad public relations to keep people from gegt home on thanksgiving. but they didn't mind keeping independent truckers from getting to work. >> we're losing money. >> how much? >> each truck, $400 each truck. and they're staying home, they have to pay bills. how are they going to make money? >> coming up$;"rk at 6:00 why mt people that you can see behind me are not members of the striking union. and we'll find out why this strike ends at 9:00 tonight
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and what happens next, and the financial hit to the port. at the port mark matthews abc 7 news. >> a contra costa county injury has -- jury has given the death penalty to nathan burress, convicted in a double murder in a toll plaza, he shotgunned his former girlfriend and a man burress believed was romanticly involved with her, today he told a victim's family he killed the man's brother and there is nothing they can do about it. one jury member called the behavior heinous. >> a redwood city woman is in custody accused of stealing jewelry from three homes she cleaned in palo alto. police arrested the 36-year-old after finding several items inside of her home reported stolen, police believe she may be responsible8u for thefts from other homes as well oolt board of san francisco just voted to ban
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nudity in most places for anyone age five or older, supporters say it's just gotten out,o,a6 of hand in partf the city. critics say this has gone too far. and infringes on the freedom of expression of nudists. we'll have a live report coming up at 5:00. >> the university of california berkeley fired football coach jeff tedford, larry what is your take? >> this is a sad day for everybody at cal but a day kind of inevitable given the direction of the football program. they've been on a downward spiral. he took over one of the worst programs in the country and injected new life and energy, a decade ago. his 82 wins is a record. at one point bears were a top 10 teen, really knocking on the door of the elite. but)÷7 this year, he's 15 and 22 over
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past few seasons and a 48% graduation rate. just too much to overcome, cal still owes jeff[ñ' $6.9 million sh everybody is wondering how to afford to pay off a guy like that? but that money is not going to come out of taxes or fees a check will be written by boosters. that is the way it's done in big time programs. here is the athletic director sandy barber. >> jeff has been a class act through every bit of this. and certainly it's:gz- disappointing. he wanted to continue to lead cal football. and made that very clear. >> he will leave a legacy because memorial stadium never would have been renovated, that $3231 million job never would have happened with out tedford and his success. who takes over now? that is the question, we'll have a live report at 5:00 and 6:00. >> it's sad so-to-see him go.
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>> he's a goodman. >> still ahead, new information on the o.j. simpson case, who has come forward to say he killed the ex-wife, and friend. >> and bad news for hewlett-packard why the company says it was the victim of a multi billion dollar fraud. >> plus a thanksgiving tradition in the east bay today, but why this deal >> at 4:so checking traffic downtown skyway. andnífñ it's usual bumper to bumper crawl heading left to right moving more smoothlysówh the right side of the screen. back with more
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it's a tradition in oakland that almost didn't didn't happen this year. huge thanksgiving meal the city and other organizations put on for those in need. laura anthony has the story. >> in oakland, the city and golden state warriors teamed up to everybody 2000 people a dinner. so warrior forward, david lee stepped up with a $25,000 donation. >> to be able to make a contribution to the bay area, is something i'm happy to do. >> besides this meal, donations being collected to serve brown bags of food to families in need this holiday, and throughout the year, the donation pays for a bag providing more than a dozen meals, that continues, after the dishes are done, here at the marriott in oakland, abc 7 news.
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>> nice to see david lee out there. >> yes. >> more bad news for hume and black berry is dumped, again. >> nicole lapin joins ugs now with today's after the bell report. >> good afternoon. that is right. a double dose of bad news for hewlett-packard. the slumping computer giant tries to turn itself around. the real big story is that hp is taking an $8.8 billion write down on its 2011 purchase of british software maker atonomy, accusing the executives of cooking the books.. >> the manl ti of the impairment charge is linked to serious accounting improprieties, disclosure failures and misrepresentations that occurred t? )äúr to hp's acquisition and impact on the expected financial performance of the business over the long term.
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the balance of the impairment charge is linked to the trading value of hp stock. >> the former management team denies claims and the ceo at the time says he's stunned and disappointed by allegations. the news sent hp shares down to lowest levels in a decade, stock closing down nearly 12%. coming up same time as best buy show retailers plan has a long way to go. in the third quarter sales fell 11% to $10.75 billion. the company has lost $10 million, it's 106% dropped as slowing sales are taking a bite out of the bottom line. but with bad news there is a sort of bright spot. social enterprise giant sales force. sales up 35% from this time last year, hitting $788 million. kpt reported a loss of $220
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million. stocks all over the map, really throughout the session but ended mixed, after another good report on the housing market. your bloomberg silicon valley index closed lower, apple, intel and hewlett-packard as mentioned, dragged that index down. the national transportation saved board is the latest government agency to dump the black berry for iphone. the national transportation safety board says it's black berries are not reliable and he have been failing at an unacceptable rate. u.s. government is one of the week i told but the ceo predicting a wave of government orders for the new really the case. >> nicole, thank you. >> you can see gray skies out there. we're expecting a lot more
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rain tonight. >> that is right. foremost of the east bay, south bay, we've seen trace amounts of rain. we received a call from a viewer just minutes ago saying it's been raining, windy, stormy all day. north bay has been getting a generous helping of stormy
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a dry pattern thursday. lows will be under the mild side low to mid-50s. approaching frontal system is approaching slowly but it's the system bringing us rainfall. we'll start at 7:00 this evening, at which point rain will be just about trying to sweep south ward, eastward throughout the bay area through san francisco. and santa cruz mountains to parts of the east bay. showers trailing behind that frontal system into mid day hours and afternoon we'll see showers tapering off giving way to sunny skies. rainfall totals, by 7:00 tomorrow evening, up to about two inches in parts of the
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north bay mountains. three quarters of an inch in the santa cruz mountains and lower in the bay area, sierra, winter weather advisory in effect until 4:00 in the afternoon. we expect up to three to eight inches of new snow above 7,000 feet. strong winds into higher elevations as well. high temperatures mid-60s, similar range of highs near monterey bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. dry weather through monday, will be mild, high temperatures into mid to upper 60s inland and around the bay. 60s on the coast. can't complain about that, late november, lovely weather. >> yes. thank you. >> up next a bay area man becomes an artist thanks to the dot cost bust. >> the man voices elmo resigns today as a second accusation of sex abuse comes out. >> later who did it?
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the new twist in the oj case. now naming another person in a murder of simpson's ex-wife, and her friend. >> taking a look now at the san mateo bridge, cameras here at the toll plaza. youlõñ can see taillights making their way towards the peninsula traffic heavier for drivers heading east. stay with us.)we stay with us.)we abc 7 news at you know how much grandma
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whose artist was launched is on the verge of major stardom now. and you'll see his works in a special exhibit in miami. we can see it now in a popular gallery and club. here is don sanchez. >> complex, artist's work is challenging. >> i've becomeek[o focused i can paint 15 hours in a row, stop to get a drink.touáñ >> he's showing his new pieces >> i sold another piece, here i am, six years later. >> there is a portrait with metal images on paint.
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one of a series about u.s. history. this is the statue of liberty. >> i begin to repaint over it. trying. ñt÷÷ this mood kept changing. >> wow. lost focus so he attacked it with a pressure washer. and. >> that is the country changing foundation, the country remains the same. >> digital works in this fashion. >> this is something that looks digital done by hand requires technique and focus. >> he will show knit miami next month. >> mere people will see my work in a short amount of time than in my life. >> it owe could lead to a one man show in new york. then, he could be on the verge of something big. >> "just want to be able to
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keep doing it. >> this is beginning in january. >> such a style that jumps at you. >> i know. interesting to see how he does in miami. >> entertainment news, avengers are assembling, again. >> buzz for oscars is heating up and the cast of play book took to the premier last night. the star told her about her anything but normal audition over skype. >> he we're doing skroging scenes so i'm just jogging in front of the computer. >> it opens nationwide, tomorrow, pit bull following up with a new album. the rapper has a message for the fans.
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>> it's not my best album ever, it's not my best work ever. no. it's just music, enjoy. have fun. >> in april, marvel will introduce a dvd set and that is now including sneak peeks at future films. paula abdul returning to "dancing with the stars" revealing what you can expect to see tonight right now. i'm tony cabrerra in los angeles. >> still ahead, county now reviewing government card policy after accusations of >> a woman goes into cardiac arrest after being daysed by two chp officers. she's now facing criminal charges. >> i'm michael finney.
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blue berries counted as a super food. is it same as the fruit in packaged foods? the new report finds just because it's blue on the outside doesn't mean it's blue on
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there is a call for the president of the board of supervise dwrorz resign in87ol santa"b,d clara county. >> the outrage7rln over how much he's been using a county credit card, sometimes, for lavish expenses. >> right. the board president was careful today not to say anything about his questionable credit card expenses but there was an item addressing county credit card use. he he use that had to as an opportunity to speak up. santa clara county supervisor is under fire and being oughtitted. reports show first class upgrades for air travel, dining out, and golf excursions. >> it does look bad when you first see that or hear about it. >> today's editorial calls for him to resign.
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the board president refused to answer questions today but did make a statement during the meeting. >> i don't want you to be distracted by political lynching you read today and continued to read about. the county legal arm is auditing the expenses which the office says totalled just over $36,000. the executive says some poll says surrounding the county cards are confusing and changes are already being made. >> we have looked significantly at our monitoring procedures and we're concerned that we maintain integrity of the p card system. >> the supervisors say an audit needs to be done and presented to the board. >> when reviews are completed,
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you'll hear a little bit more from me. >> executives are auditing his expense reports then will be a report of the use. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> a new documentary claiming a florida death row inmate admitted he killed nicole brown simpson and ron simpson in 19 -- 1994. in the film his brother and a profiler recalled conversations where he recalls meeting brown. simpson was acquitted but found liable in a civil trial. goldman's sister calls it apalling. >> john mcafee the millionaire developer remains on the run, he claims he's
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innocent and has been in hiding a week. that hasn't stopped him from tq this american software tycoon says he's got nothing to thid but this morn he's doing just that. >> how long will you stay on the run? this has to be exhausting. >> it's extremely exhausting. until the real killer is caught. >> the 67-year-old has been eluding police since november 11. his neighbor in legal bel yeez was found shot in the head. mcafee has not been charged but since investigators called him a p person of interest, he's been in the wind, declaring his innocence, taunting investigators. >> what do you say to the belize official who's are calling you bonkers and paranoid. >> i do not intend to turn myself in. >> instead, he seems to enjoy
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playing cat and mouse saying he's snuck back to his compound. >> i want to be near where things are happening hiding in the bushes is helping no one. >> he launched a web site, who is he's blogging about his disguyses. i darkinned the skin of my face, neck and hands with shoe polish, stuff my cheeks with chewed bubble gum. he writes while pedaling carvings i nearly sold a carving to an associated press reporter but this morning, he says he's convinced police will kill him if they find him he says he's rather hide than flee. >> this is my home. why would i leave here? >> in los angeles a 50-year-old whom went into cardiac arrest is now suing the agency. dash cam video captured this
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incident dent that started when officers noticed she was sitting in an illegally parked car. officers ordered jones out of the vehicle. she refused to put down her purse. she resisted and went running back to the car. >> her screams replaced by silence. she was pulled from the car, officers performed cpr to revive her, she's thousand filed a lawsuit claiming officers acted unlawfully and she suffered permanent brain injuries. jones has been arrested on misdemeanor counts including resisting arrest and marijuana possession. >> the voice of sesame street's elmo resigned today amid a new allegation of sex with an under aged boy.
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singleton wants $5 pillin claiming the relationship caused him psychological and he megsal disstris stres. he did not address the new allegations but last week clash demied he'd been intimate with another young man.83i the first accuser has recanted his claims. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 what would thanksgiving be without football? >> the trending video saluting sports fwhoonz just want to watch games on turkey day. >> a toddler suffering from a rare form of leukemia the news the family received about a foreign donor. >> windy and rainy weather now. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> another check of traffic. we're looking from our camera
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traffic with a sea of headlights here trying to goat berkeley on i 80 east. stay with us.
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we have terrific news to share with you about a 2-year-old san francisco boy suffering from a rare form of leukemia a bone marrow donor hasre!been found for him. because of his mixed racial background he faced long odds of finding a donor today the family told us a 90% match has been found in hong kong. that bone marrow extraction will take place next monday. they expect him to receive the transplant on tuesday. >> boy, is he cute. >> yes. >> great news. >> let's take a look ahead to the weather forecast with a dry thanksgiving ahead shoo sn. >> we have to get through rain. >> it's going to reach other parts of the bay area soon enough. some north of santa rosa in winsor, much of the day it's
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sliding south ward and eastward. tomorrow, nationally we'll see dry conditions, sunny skies in the nation mid section. some showers up in the northeast. this is northwest. there you go. showers in the pacific northwest. a mixed picture, sunny, mild tomorrow, it won't be cold x t. we'll have showers tapering off after wet conditions overnight. high temperatures into 60s here. 60s on the coast. so this will be the break that will lead to a dry spell gg on thursday. we do have showers heavier at times coming our way tonight. >> thank you. >> okay. >> a self taught teen wows0ñ0qj
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school officials and axrb parody on thanksgiving are some of the hottest viral videos. >> thank you, hear is a look at the hottest videos on you tube today. first up, 15-year-oldx$÷vygñ ken who impressed fessors create his own radio station. >> this is because he wanted to give voice to the youth. >> this is going up everywhere on the web. is and is now the youngest person ever to be invited to the program. remarkable. up next a video for guys who
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want to watch football on thanksgiving, you know who you are. >> this video is íí?÷where this morning. clearly a lot of fans can relate. in japanxogit, guests with a surprise. so cute. that will do it for the videos online. see you next time, bay area. have a great thanksgiving. >> i just jumped about three feet.
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>> we'll recap semi finals in "dancing with the stars". >> i'm michael finney. blue berries known as a health food but that doesn't always carry over.áh0÷z i'll take a look at products
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blue berries being touted as a health food and some manufacturers are plastering berries all over their packaging. >> now,p%!xv some findings about that. >> consumer reports find just because it's blue doesn't mean it's blue on the inside. fresh blue berries look luscious, manyv4wh are aware of the healthy reputation. >> i eat them all of the time. >> it's one of the best things you can eat. >> this medical advisor says there is science to back up claims this is a reduction in blood pressure and may help solve the growth of cancer cells. >> but if you think you're getting those benefits from packaged foods, think again. >> we found products that looked like they're loaded for
4:48 pm
anything but. >> like this pancake mix. there are no blue ber yeez of any kind in the ingredients.. >> keep in mind for disclaimers like imitation blue berries in this case they're made of palm oil and several dyes. it's important to check the list of ingredients. >> frosted mini wheats. spokesperson says the term is used to describe the flavor and product labeled in comply yens with laws and regular 9m;'igss.. >> some products display blue berries only have the juice in them. that comes way down ond= the list of ingredients. >> ocean spray blue berry craisins are cranberries infused6ó9z with blue berry jui.
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consumer reports says it's best to eat them before a day or the juice ends up in pack yanled products. getting into winter, fresh fruit becomes hard to find krorkts says frozen berries retain most of the vitamins. now, coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 results of the trouble in toyland report. which toys you may want to keep off the list or risk your child being injured. >> yes. important, thank you. >> and it's double he lism nation tonight on "dancing with the stars". so after this evening there will be three dancers left. >> you're ready to declare a champion? >> yes. we're going to dive in. >> a dance called knight rider
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vongra. bruno said they did it bonger style. let's take a look.wá at moves, carolyn. >> this is their second dance. to michael jackson's "dirty diana". i thought i'd show a clip from the dance because i thought you might like the ending. >> look away, look away. >> let's get to it. i'm over here, okay? this is sean to win in the closest boat ever.
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>> okay. we're taking notes. >> okay. >> concentration. >> still ahead, what county officials are going do to thank them. >> a big milestone. work now finished before the new eastern span opens next year. >> coming up at 5:00 thieves go trolling for package deliveries. a program to check on the house while you're away. >> iy[-ñ love her. >> school program being credited with helping a girl problem is this program could use]cy-e a lifeline.
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bay bridge transfering the weight of the span off the scaffolding so now, it's holding itself up. >> this is more basic stuff. we have more. >> that cable has a lot riding on it this, section of the new bridge, in fact. starting on the east side, the cable draipz up, and over, the 525 foot tower then into the deck, looping around, back up and down again, anchoring into the deck itself. this weight was resting on scaffolding now, it has been transferred to the main cable as shown in this animation. a combination of jacks an÷zf/g hands on human workers pulled this strand into place.
4:56 pm
the process produce aid sigh of relief. >> there is never any question hold itself up. the question, would they pick it up right the first time? >> that fear was founded in this case. now, they're in the home stretch of the mundane projects. accord together countdown clock there are 286 days left to get it done. >> one thing that we're worried about is the things on the punch list. >> wires are first galvanized then wrappedp0nfç in a taste, tn after that, there is this s-wire wrapped rn it, hopefully it will last 150 years or more. >> we can smell the finish line now.
4:57 pm
>> animation shes how soon it will be gone. the bridge looking like the finished product. >> and we're counting down on the days until the new eastern span opens. there are now 286 days to go. stay with us at abc 7 for the latest updates as construction continues. >> marin residents will be able to visit three parks for free from december 1 through new year's day. all fees being waved to say thank you to voters approving measure 8e;:h to protect parksd farm land. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. san francisco takes a vote and a stand against public nudity and drawing a reaction.÷dr(n i'm sandhya patel. live doppler 7 hdy"?] tracking a storm.
4:58 pm
>> bay area police agency offering a service to help you keep tabs on your property during the holidays.ó2nv >> dark clouds show impending storm hitting the north bay with b.owe to cover the rest of the bay area tonight. >>4zh td rain has caused delays foremost of the day at san francisco international airport. >> we have live team coverage with abc 7 news in santa rosa tonight. >> clets lets check out live doppler 7 hd. steady rain has been ripe so far. let's zoom in here, /jóñ can see to santa rosea, we're getting some rain. taking you down to street
4:59 pm
level i'm going to show you where we're getting wet roadways. river road, guerneville road this, is light rainfall. we pull out here, i want to show you more moisture just off the coastline here. jennifer getting wet pavement. sfo reporting delays on arrivals. showing you wind speeds now, winds picking up, gusting south. 20-25 miles per hour. the question is, when will rain get into the area. and will it head out of here before thanksgiving plans get underway, i'll be back with answers to those p just a few minutes. >> north bay seeing the edge of the storm, folks say they're prepared, show. in santa rosa, you can see it's drizzling. >> it is, well, better to


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